Top 5 Workplace by Facebook Bots and Integrations

Written by Freya

22nd May 2019
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Integrating your digital workplace tools isn’t a groundbreaking concept, but in reality, it’s not always the easiest project to get off the ground. With multiple project owners, security risks, and internal politics getting in the way it can often be more hassle than it’s worth.

Workplace by Facebook is aiming to become a central work hub, the place where people can get work done and automate simple tasks.

With a whole host of integrations available with the market-leading workplace tools, we’re starting to see a focus on the overarching digital workplace strategy amongst Workplace customers, rather than the previously disconnected suite. And with ease of introducing chatbots to Workchat, and bots that can update Workplace groups, companies can easily take their first steps into the world of automation to solve real work problems.

We’ve taken a look at the top 10 Workplace by Facebook bots and integrations to get you started. Before we dive in though, a word of warning. Before choosing an integration or bot, be sure you are solving a problem, or it has a purpose. Without that key element, you are only adding to the noise for your people, rather than simplifying.

Microsoft Azure for Workplace by Facebook

Azure AD is Microsoft’s cloud-based identity management platform. Managing your users, so that their accounts can be automatically activated when they join a company or deactivated when they leave is critical to the security of the Workplace.

Azure AD is top of mind for us as it’s our platform of choice internally, but Workplace also integrates with Okta, G suite, and others.

SWOOP Analytics for Workplace by Facebook

Measuring your success can be difficult with a social platform such as Workplace by Facebook, especially if you are trying to show a return on investment. Workplace has its own out of the box analytics, which are great at a high level, but if you really want to delve deeper into how your people are interacting, what they are talking about, then you’ll need a platform such as SWOOP.

SWOOP is our favourite by far. As a community manager, it shows the value that your people are getting from the platform, and from a business perspective can easily help you prove your ROI. On top of that, SWOOP back this all up with research and meaningful metrics. A winner in our eyes.

The Bot Platform

When thinking about bots for Workplace by Facebook, out of the box isn’t always best. The bot platform does exactly what it says on the tin, a platform for anyone to build a bot. It’s simple and easy to use, and the team have some great expertise to share with you.

Workplace bots allow you to automate simple tasks, everything from FAQs for events, right through to leave requests and expenses.

We were able to create a bot for our Genius Desk in a couple of days, included mapping out the purpose, the flow and actually building the bot (with added GIFs).

 Sideways 6

Often with enterprise social networks, we see frustration from the members feeling like they aren’t being heard. In reality, no one person has been assigned the task to listen. More often than not, a community manager would usually play this role, but even then, it’s difficult to cut through the noise and pull out the really great ideas and suggestions.

This is where sideways6 bridges the gap, the platform allows you to set campaigns, manage ideas at scale, and shortlist the best ones to bring them to life. And if you think you don’t need it, try asking your people. One company saved millions of pounds from just one employee idea.

Webex Meetings for Workplace by Facebook

I include the Webex integration specifically as we are a Webex house, it’s how we work remotely on a daily basis and interact with our customers and partners. Workplace has integrations with the majority of the other big players on the scene including Zoom and Bluejeans.

Most of these integrations allow for scheduling and quick meeting access through chatbots, including Webex. This can be done on a 1-2-1 basis and shared with specific people, or in a group chat and invite all participants to join a meeting ad-hoc.

Bluejeans does have an upper hand on this one with the ability to stream your meeting into a group, I can see this coming in future for Webex as you can already stream directly to Facebook.

Bonus: Safety Check in Workplace by Facebook

What started out as an integration is now a core feature of Workplace by Facebook premium. Saying that it does need to be activated by the admin and we would always recommend having an emergency procedure supporting the feature.

Safety Check in Workplace by Facebook works very similarly to the consumer version, allowing people to mark themselves as safe during an emergency. The admin can assign a safety officer to manage the process and there are multiple ways to configure based on your organisation’s setup. An absolute game changer in your digital workplace toolbelt.

Integrations and bots in the digital workplace

With more than 50 integrations and many more bots available for Workplace by Facebook, it’s never been easier to connect together with your digital workplace tools with Workplace being the bridge connecting your remote islands.

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