Workplace by Facebook transforms retail

Written by Nicola

8th February 2019

More than 30,000 businesses across the world are enjoying the benefits of using Workplace by Facebook to engage their employees, partners and suppliers. Many of them have been successful by working with Workplace partners that specialise in designing and building communities. They understand early on that the idea of ‘build it and they will come’ doesn’t create active, vibrant communities. But can Workplace by Facebook really transform the retail industry?

“How to communicate effectively, through layers of hierarchy and across borders, to engage with each and every part-timer without falling victim to the ‘Chinese whispers’ or ‘telephone game’ effect?”

Guido Schild on Ralph Lauren
Brand Experts

Ralph Lauren was no different, embarking on their Workplace by Facebook journey in December 2017. They aimed to connect their disconnected global workforce of 20,000 employees, mainly short-term retail staff. They had a simple mission:

  • Connect all employees on their mobile devices
  • Consistently communicate initiatives
  • Enable collaboration across borders and functions and share ideas
  • Empower employees to give instant feedback

You can read the full article about Ralph Lauren’s success below, shared last week by Julian from the Workplace team.

Ralph Lauren’s Workplace launch was an immediate success in connecting their people and their culture soon emerged. They were even rewarded at the Workplace Transform event in London last April for ‘Best cross-functional collaboration’. The impact of bringing together their front-line people with the marketing and buying teams, giving them direct access to senior leadership and increasing moral, was felt across the board.

Ready to see what a Workplace partner can do to help you take your employee community to the next level? Get in touch.

Original article appears on Brand Experts and can be read in full here

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