Do I need to train my people on Workplace by Facebook?

Written by Nicola

12th November 2018
Workplace by Facebook is Facebook’s enterprise solution. Completely separate from the consumer version we all know and love. It brings the best elements of Facebook, newsfeed, groups, live video etc. to the world of work, connecting people and creating communities in a safe, secure environment.

Myth: I don’t need to train my people on Workplace by Facebook because they use Facebook.

Whether you’re using Workplace or just thinking about it, you will see this everywhere. It’s familiar, it’s intuitive, yes maybe but what if it’s not? or at least not in the way you really want your people to use it. 

This is always a hot topic so we want to share our top 5 reasons why Workplace training is not only necessary, it’s just a damn good idea!

1. Gen-Yers and Zers don’t use Facebook 

By 2020 GenYers will make up more than 35% of the global workforce 

If you happen to have a couple of teenagers at home, or just happen to be ‘down with the kids’ you’ll know that for these folks, our soon to be emerging workforce, Facebook is not where it’s at today. Instagram and Snapchat are the channels of choice and Facebook may well be something your mum does. That really doesn’t do our ‘modern workplace’ agendas any favours. We have a tech-savvy generation stepping up and we need to remind them just how far the world of work has come. Training that focusses on what can be achieved in Workplace versus the alternatives like email and static intranets, rather than ‘look it’s just Facebook for Work’ can create a whole new raft of key collaborators. We just need to pitch it right.

2. Workplace by Facebook Etiquette 

But my workforce right now know Facebook, surely for them it’s simple? Think about your own Facebook ‘friends’ I’m willing to bet hidden in there are some ‘over-sharers’, some inane ‘like this if you wanna save the world’ repeat offenders, the #Blessed contingent, the #WoeIsMe negative Nancies ( Sorry Nancies no offence) and even one or two trolls. If we are just transferring what we already know are we transferring that too? You betcha! There is a damn good reason it’s not called Facebook for Work anymore! Yes, this audience is unlikely to need to know how to operate Workplace, but they do need to know how to really use it for work. Spending a little time and effort coaching people in the why will reap benefits and reduce risks. 

3. Show the Value of Collaboration

They know how to use it, that’s the easy bit, but why should they use it? Training and coaching people in Workplace by Facebook is the easiest way to help them realise the value in these new ways of working. We all know that we should be “collaborating” but what value will I get from working with other people or working out loud? Showing them the really good stuff that can happen will deliver those WOW moments. Not only giving them a reason to come back and creating advocates for life, but also delivering real business benefits. And we all know we love those.

4. Listen, Learn and Grow

Keeping a community alive and thriving can be hard work, especially after the initial hype has waned. The investment you make in coaching or training is inevitably paid back in first-hand feedback. And those moments where people start to think about the ways in which it could work for them or their teams? These are the first glimmers of the new use cases that will keep your community growing and delivering results, in other words, gold.

5. Workplace Community Leaders and Champions 

No matter how big or small your business is, ‘training’ takes investment in time, money, organisation, and resources. And we know this isn’t always easy to come by but there are other, maybe even smarter ways to get there. Focus on your champions and ambassadors, train them not only in the practicalities but in those key elements like spotting someone who’s sceptical because they don’t understand what’s in it for them, enable them to be influencers and watch their impact grow. For others offer drop-in informal coaching, keep it relaxed and easy. Give those who need it a place to go – remove the fear and encourage exploration.

Collaboration Therapy

Workplace by Facebook can often feel like a lightweight player in your digital stack, but that doesn’t mean it deserves less investment. Investment in technology and people are equally important as we move to reduce the digital skills gap. “Training” can often feel like overkill in the beginning but the investment of time and resources will reap results much further down the line. Coaching will deliver behavioural changes that focus on your people and not just the technology du jour.

93% of millennials see ongoing skills development as an important part of their future careers

And, it’s never a one size fits all. Group training sessions, 1:1 coaching and executive community leadership are all necessary to help your Workplace community thrive past launch, not just survive. That’s where Sei Mani makes the difference. We turn potentially dull, uninspiring, dreaded and dreary training into collaboration therapy. First encounters with new systems are both useful and comforting.

No one chooses Workplace for their organisation without believing it will deliver wonderful things so why do we so often leave those results to chance? 

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