Top 5 new Webex Teams features

Written by Freya

On 4th November 2019

What’s new with Webex Teams

The Webex Team’s team have been busy squirrelling away to bring us a whole host of new functionality over the last few months. Most noticeably, the introduction of threading to the messaging side of things, which was slightly hit or miss depending on how or where you were using Webex teams.

But, it seems that we’re in for a few months of big updates to Webex Teams, this October 31st update is bringing a whole host of functionality that we are excited about. So, here’s the top five Webex Teams features launching this month.

Webex Teams, OneDrive, and Sharepoint

With the latest update to Webex Teams, you can now link OneDrive and Sharepoint folders with a space. A simple feature that will show how well Webex Teams and Microsoft can work together when set up correctly. At best, the current integration was weak, being able to share a file to a space is helpful, but being able to collaborate together and access files in one place will take it to the next level.

Pop-out spaces in Webex Teams

This one’s going to need some testing but I can see the value in being able to pop out certain spaces into their own windows. Say I’m working on a specific project, I don’t necessarily want to be distracted by all the other spaces in my team but do need a space open for reference or to collaborate in real-time. 

How to join Webex Teams without video

So, this new feature irks me a little but I can see scenarios where it might be helpful. A bad hair day isn’t an excuse for not turning your video on, but launching an audio-only option is a smart move. No headphones and out in the field? It was going to be difficult to use teams to make a call at all, a toss-up between everyone seeing your ear or everyone around you hearing your full conversation.

Peek in a Space

Now, this one is dividing us. Webex Teams have launched the ability to look in a space without showing that you have “seen” the messages sent. A helpful feature if you just want to check-in but aren’t really ready to take action. My only concern is that it might lead to people avoiding difficult conversations. But hey, that’s a culture issue, not a technology issue, right?

Links in Webex Teams

Webex Teams menu for a space

The new  “Links’ button in your spaces will gather up all of the links shared into one place. A handy reference point if you are sharing useful articles, but out of context is a list of links really useful?

Coming soon: Webex Teams Reactions

Since moving from Slack to Webex Teams earlier this year, this is the biggest piece of functionality we have missed. It has been especially missed as with Teams you can see who has already seen your message, so why aren’t they responding? Well simply, we don’t have anything to say, but a thumbs up acknowledgement would go a long way.

Alas, it seems we’re now waiting on this functionality until the end of November at least. Come on Webex, get it together! 😩

What else is new in Webex Teams

Of course, there are a whole list of new features available in Webex Teams in this October update and some will be dependant on your set up but we really like the direction Webex Teams is going in. 

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