Joint Webinar with Cisco: How One Small Business uses Webex

Written by Kieran

On 18th October 2019

Founded in 2011 in London, our core business is helping organisations adopt workplace technology & improve collaboration.

Our team is 100% remote with our people based all over Europe connected via the technologies we work with. Webex has brought us together on a more personal and human level than an office would ever allow. So, when it comes to collaboration – it’s safe to say we’re pros.

When Cisco asked us to share our story with their customers, we jumped at the chance. You can watch the full webinar below.

Webex for growing businesses

Check out the ‘Webex for growing businesses’ adoption eBook we created in partnership with Cisco to enable small businesses to deploy Webex meetings.

Click to read Webex for growing businesses

Put your collaboration tools to work

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