Does Webex have a place in Education?

Written by Jo

11th November 2019

YES, is the answer I want to shout from the rooftops.

In a fantastic partnership with Cisco, we have developed and produced two eBooks all about how Webex can open a world of opportunities in preparing today’s students for tomorrow. Sounds like a sales pitch doesn’t it, but it’s true. With the help of the Cisco team and Dr. Ford, we were able to get into the minds and hearts of teachers, pupils, parents, and faculty, to really produce something that not only looks great but has a real use in today’s classrooms. 

Webex for schools

The first eBook concentrated on K12/pre university education. We spent time looking at the different personas found in schools. And the best way to engage with them, for example, emails for parents, bookmarks for students and postcards for teachers. We really wanted to inspire teachers and students alike to think outside of the box. We had many great ideas but had to be mindful of the possible restrictions schools may have. The biggest one being most things would need to be printed and handed out or attached to a board.

Here is an example of a use case created to connect students with the outside world, using Cisco Webex.

Webex for Higher Education

The second book focused on higher education where we concentrated on putting the students at the centre of their own learning. Providing them with flexible learning styles where they can study in an environment that suits them.

We wanted to instil the belief that learning doesn’t have to stop at the end of class. With Webex, you can connect with other students, book a call with your professor, or even create a space with your classmates and have a brainstorming session from wherever you are and on any device. The other area we wanted to cover was to show the social side of Webex and the benefits of being part of the student community in and around campus.

Here is an example we designed of a promotional card created to hand out at recruitment events:

eBooks made for industries

Cisco has made these eBooks available for everyone and the links have been shared publicly. The eBooks are completely free, and you also have the ability to download the assets and customize them for your school.

I loved creating these books with the brilliant Cisco team. We had the most amazing working sessions, through Webex of course, where we let our creativity flow. I was so pleased with the outcome I even sent the link to my daughters’ school to give them some ideas on what is possible (I know embarrassing mother moment).

Check out the Webex for Schools adoption toolkit eBook

Check out the Webex for Higher Education adoption toolkit

What’s next

The feedback we’ve had from teachers on the front line has been fantastic. We even made the Best Content shortlist in the Turtl Immerse Awards with Webex for Higher Education.  

Getting people to use new digital workplace tools is a struggle because old habits die hard. We show employees how to change the way they work so that your business thrives and you achieve your goals.

Talk to us to see how we can bring similar expertise into your arena.

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