Are the financial services industry still stuck in the 20th century? How Webex can trigger innovation and collaboration.

Written by Jo

27th January 2020

There’s a myth going around that launching Webex in financial services is hard. With its high security and potentially complicated processes and policies in place, they may feel that it just might be easier to stay in the 20th century. 

Some of the challenges that today’s banks encounter can feel like major blockers. Especially when faced with the need to better serve customers and support employees in the ever-changing world of banking. But it’s easier than you think to get over your security worries, get leadership buy-in and see great adoption within your 21st-century workforce. 

With that in mind, I wanted to show you the latest eBook we’ve been working on with the team at Cisco. The eBook ‘Webex for Financial Services’ covers everything you need to get started from technical readiness and leadership, through to customer communications and lots more in between. The eBook holds a range of assets that can be downloaded and shared with not only employees but customers too.

Practical use cases for financial services industry

We’ve delved into the financial industry and really tried to understand the uses of Webex. At Sei Mani we know the importance of creating content that really speaks and is tailored to specific audiences.  One of the key areas we focussed on was how Webex can help reduce the need for travel, with not only employees but customers too. With the introduction of video meetings through Webex Meetings and Webex Teams, everyone can get connected.

Security is another area we’ve touched on in this eBook, we wanted to give people peace of mind and show that Cisco takes this really seriously and have robust solutions in place.  

So, in the eBook and in typical Sei Mani style we developed use cases that showcase real-life scenarios. Where everything you need to get the job done is at your fingertips, and how you can co-edit documents together virtually.  

These could be attached to internal emails or printed and handed out at meetings, whatever works for you and your company. The aim is to get people curious about using Webex, once they try it and see the benefits they’ll be hooked.   

Webex use case document: better customer service, with less emails? Win-win with Webex.
An example use case we create for all adoption projects.

Quick start guides for Webex beginners

There’s also Quick start guides available for Webex Meetings and Webex Teams. So customers have everything they need to connect with experts not just in their own bank but experts from any branch at any location.

It’s all about creating great content to educate and bring people along on the journey. Something we always aim to do in every adoption engagement.

The quick start guides can be shared with customers, these can be attached in customer emails, printed and handed out at the bank or even sent to customers in the mail.

Launching the financial services eBook at Cisco Live

This eBook was ready to be launched at Cisco Live Barcelona, where Molly Dubow presented an amazing lightning talk around how collaboration can help change the workflows in financial services.  She spoke around how Cisco’s tried and tested methodology “The 5 Pillars of Success” can help transform the way people work in Financial Services. Molly’s lightning talk can be viewed at Cisco’s YouTube channel very soon.

This Financial eBook is part of a selection of industry-specific eBooks and is following on from the success of the two education-specific eBooks launched last year. Read our blog to find out how Webex is helping to prepare today’s students for tomorrow.  

Sei Mani knows that leaving change to chance never works

We know that employees won’t use your new digital workplace tools if you don’t tell them why and teach them how. Sei Mani gets everyone using new tools in the best ways by raising awareness, revealing the value and showing how to work smarter in this digital age. 

Let us help you transform your business, get in touch today.

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