Top 10 unknown Webex Meetings features that you need in your life

Written by Elina

20th December 2018

We all know someone who has more knowledge about a particular application than we do, let’s take Excel for example. I’m not a master of Excel, I don’t understand all the formulas or how it all works, I only really use it for basic tables or project trackers, but I know it can do so much more.

But I have been told I’m a Webex Wizard! At Sei Mani, we like to share our knowledge to help people achieve more and make work easier for them.

Webex Meetings has some excellent features, and most are easy to pick up. But there are a few hidden gems and these features can really help you do more with little effort. So, let me share some of my top tip’s, the ones Cisco don’t talk about.


1. Present in a Webex Meeting and view your notes at the same time 

When creating a PowerPoint presentation, you can add in notes to each slide you create. Those are meant to help the speaker deliver their presentation, and everyone else is not supposed to see them. Most of the time the presenter will print their notes and use them when on stage, or spend hours memorising them. 

In Webex Meetings, when sharing a PowerPoint as a file on a Windows-based computer, you can add a new panel only visible to the presenter where the notes appear as you scroll through the presentation. Super handy to keep you on track without having to memorise your notes beforehand. 

Click the More Options button at the bottom of your meeting and select PPT Notes to view the notes.

Much easier than printing presentations off beforehand right?


2. Send a round-up of your Webex Meeting

Sending a “transcript” of the meeting can sound pretty cool or scary. But in actual fact, it isn’t a transcript of the things that were said on the call. It’s a detailed round-up of the information being shared in the Webex Meeting.

It allows you to automatically create an email pre-populated with the email addresses of all people who attended the meeting, the meeting name becomes the subject line of the email, and it includes the attendees’ list. You even have the option to attach the group chats, the documents you shared as a file, whiteboards, poll results and the meeting notes.

To send a transcript, within the Webex meeting, go to the File menu, select Send Transcript and which type of information you want to attach to the email. 

A nice and simple way to take care of meeting admin.


3. Pin a video on Webex

In Webex Meetings, the active speaker appears in the main video feed, it switches automatically to whoever is speaking at any moment in time. But, you do have the option to pin the video on one particular person, for example in a lecture scenario. The meeting host needs to do this by clicking on the pin icon on the person they want everyone to see’s video.


4. How to transfer files on Webex

You’ve probably all mastered the art of sharing a presentation over Webex during a meeting and discussing them with colleagues or even adding notes. But did know that you can transfer the file to them through Webex during the meeting so they have their own copy? 

The presenter can pass the file at any time and isn’t restricted by file types, everything from Powerpoints to MP4s and .ZIP files can be shared as long as they are no bigger than 2GB.

To transfer a file go to the File menu in the window, select Transfer and add the files you want to transfer. Each participant of your meeting can then decide to save a copy on their own machine. 


5. Make sure your annotations are visible in the dark 

Presentations are no longer black text on a white background. Images, branded colours and diagrams flow through the slides. This can sometimes make annotation difficult with the wide array of colours being used in text and imagery, your annotations often don’t stand out enough.

The default annotation option in Webex Meetings is perfect for lighter backgrounds, offering a transparent highlighter effect. But, that doesn’t always work when you have a dark background or image that you want to annotate over. Once you have shared your file in the meeting, you can change the annotation to the “Dark” option. The highlight will now be opaque and stand out against the presentation.

To change the default setting during a Webex meeting, go to the Edit menu, select  Annotate on and click Dark background


6. Assign privileges to the participants

In a Webex meeting, what you can do is predetermined by the role you have. If you are the host, you have total control over the meeting, if you are the presenter you have total control over what you are sharing and attendees by default have all the same limited capacities. 

But when you are the presenter, you can assign different privileges to the other attendees in general or to specific people in particular, like restricting who they can send instant messages to, allow them to annotate, give them the ability to upload a presentation or allow them to record a meeting. 

To customise the participant’s privileges during the meeting, the presenter should go to the Participants menu and select Assign privileges to make their selection. 


7. Remove someone from a Webex meeting

Are we back at school or what? Why would you want to expel someone from a meeting? Actually, ‘remove’ might be a better word than expel, Webex’s chosen terminology.

Now picture this: You are in a physical meeting room with your team. The meeting comes to an end and you need to meet alone with one of your team. You wrap up the meetings and ask them to stay behind. Once everyone has left you can start your one-to-one conversation.

Now take that online, and you want to chat with one or a few members of the call. It could well be that one of the participants had left their desk when you said the meeting was over and didn’t leave the meeting. So, even if technically that person isn’t really “there”, you can still see their name in the meeting as they never disconnected. And it feels uncomfortable to start your private conversation with Jenny. With Webex Meetings, you can manually disconnect that person. 

To remove a participant during a Webex meeting, the host just needs to right-click the name of that person in the Participants panel and click Expel


8. Control who gets in the meeting 

In Webex Meetings, if you do not want to be disturbed, you can lock the room. Those who have the meeting link will be placed in the meeting lobby and the host will receive a notification to allow specific people to join or not. 

To lock the meeting, the host should go to the Meeting menu and select Lock Meeting.


9. Stream your meeting live to Facebook

A great way to share information with a broader audience is through social media to instantly get their reaction and get their attention long after the meeting has ended. Did you know that you can stream a Webex Meeting to your Facebook? 

To stream your meeting live on Facebook, the host needs to click the More Options button at the bottom of your meeting and select Start Streaming to Facebook. Then log into Facebook to decide who you want to view your stream and click Start Streaming 

10. Dial someone into the meeting

Dialling someone into a meeting can be very handy audio-only option when you need to quickly get an answer to a question from someone who is not in the meeting. Or you can use it to help someone having difficulties joining, by allowing the system to dial that person and conference them in.

To dial someone in, the host should click the More Options button at the bottom of your meeting, select Invite and Remind, click Phone, fill in the participant’s details and click Call.  


Mastering the art of Webex Meetings

Having these little, hidden features up your sleeve might not make your meetings dazzle your attendees but they will certainly make your meeting life easier. Mastering the art of Webex isn’t an easy feat but one that will delight your attendees. Want to learn more Webex secrets? Talk to Sei Mani today and we can help your business maximise Webex Meetings.

Employees won’t use your new digital workplace tools if you don’t tell them why and teach them how. Sei Mani gets everyone using new tools in the best ways by raising awareness, revealing the value and showing how to work smarter in this digital age.

They’ll be happier and more effective. We can help you transform your business.

Get in touch to find out how you can make the most of Webex today.

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