Springboard is your complete solution for driving adoption
of digital workplace tools

Professional services to prove our adoption formula so you can scale.

Struggling to transform your digital workplace?

  • Too few people using new digital tools?

  • Everyone addicted to email?

  • Feel like you’re working in the 20th century?

  • Employees unwilling to change the way they work?

  • Everyone commuting to the office daily?

  • Too many meetings face to face?

  • Feel like there are smarter ways of working?

  • Under pressure to fix this situation?

If you’re experiencing these problems, adoption hasn’t been done properly.

Get the Springboard today.

How it works

Get clear on your business goals

Fine tune your digital workplace tools

Communicate why it matters

Provide amazing learning support

What you get

01. Playbook

We share all our secrets for doing adoption right in one practical PDF guide.

02. Workshop

We run a 3hr workshop to guide you through the playbook and create a tailored plan.

03. Planning

We document a detailed adoption plan so you can light the way for your business.

04. Project kick-off

We run adoption project kick-off meeting with your stakeholders to get the plan in motion.

05. Check-in

We meet with you each week to progress the plan, answer questions, and solve issues.

06. Training

We help you choose one project or team (max 100 users) for digital workplace training.

07. Coaching

We invite you to a digital space where you and the team can contact us any time for adoption help and support.

08. Report

After 4-6 weeks, we create an adoption report to demonstrate success and pave the way for you to scale adoption across your organisation.



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