Reasons to be Thankful

Written by Elina

On 28th November 2019

We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in Europe but with so many of the lovely people we work with over the pond, we thought we’d join in this year and share what we’re thankful for.


There are so many things that I am thankful for, my wonderful children, a caring husband are of course the biggest ones. But there are also littler things that sometimes with the strains and stresses of the day we can forget, so here is my ‘Thankful List 2019’.

Today I am thankful for the friendships I have made all over the world, through the power of video and my DX80. Sei Mani’s flexible working policy has made it possible for me to attend a school meeting with my daughter this week which I am grateful for. I’m thankful every day that my dog Alfie can sleep in my office and keep me company when I’m at work. Not sure I’m 100% thankful for this but, I am able to wash extra loads of washing saving me precious time with my family over the weekend. The list could go on and on but you’ll be thankful it didn’t 😃


I am especially thankful for my two beautiful children and for my friends. I am also grateful for being trusted at work even outside of my comfort zone. I am thankful as well for our customers acting not like order givers but like partners towards a common goal. 

Nevertheless, I don’t want to forget the small things that bring joy to my life:  wearing flip flops at work in the summer and slippers in the winter, receive my online shopping while working, the sound of Jo’s dog snoring or Melissa’s cat meowing for food during meetings. And as Abba would say: thank you for the music (yes this one is if for you Stu /Alexa) 😉 


I’m grateful for good health, food, medicine, and shelter. I’m grateful to be alive.

I’m grateful for flexibility, empowerment, and autonomy at work. I’m grateful for the ability to work with anyone on earth through the power of video. And I’m grateful for a champion team who, though hundreds of miles apart are closer and more engaged than any office I’ve worked in.

I’m grateful for all of the opportunities for growth life has put my way, even when difficult and painful, because comfort does not lead to growth.

As they say around these parts: ta very much.


I’m thankful for opportunities to challenge my thinking and try new things every day, I’m grateful that instead of isolation in working remotely I have found strong, nurturing, empowering relationships with colleagues, customers and partners I’d otherwise never have met.

I’m grateful for every chance to see the world, to learn and to explore.

I’m grateful for my incredible family and friends and feel incredibly fortunate that I can show my kids every day that you can have a rewarding, challenging career without sacrificing being truly present as a parent. 
And today I’m grateful for hot sweet tea in my favourite mug on a freezing cold day…   


This year I am thankful for the opportunity to travel for work, meeting our clients around the globe, but also being at home for the important events (and numerous deliveries, hats off to Sandy at DPD who supports my online shopping habit). Working from home doesn’t come without its challenges, but I’m grateful to be able to make the choice mine.

I’m thankful for the opportunities to grow at work, developing new skills, and knowing that my colleagues always have my back. Working with a team that has such diverse backgrounds and inquisitive minds, means that together we can creatively solve problems. And for our clients that fully put their trust in me to deliver, even when my ideas take us down a road less travelled, I’m thankful that they’re open to being a part of the journey.

Reasons to be thankful

It’s fair to say that there is recurring theme.. the ability to truly work remotely and flexibly has brought real enrichment to our entire team. The fact that that we are equipped properly to be able to do this means that we avoid some of the pitfalls people might expect, isolation and loneliness is easily overcome by lots ( and I mean lots) of team and one to one video time. When we think of the other things we’re all grateful for.. our friends and families, our health and well-being, our development and career progression, our ability to be in an environment where we can do our best, even our beloved pets.. ALL of this is simply enhanced by the way we work.

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