Hands up if you love webinars?

Written by Kieran

26th July 2018
We recently hosted our first Speakeasy event: our answer to the world of dull webinars.

We’ve hosted and attended many webinars over the years. They can be interesting and useful, but the problem is often lack of engagement and interaction. You feel like you’re in a bubble. You’re with dozens of people that you share an interest with but have no way to connect. Webinars can feel very one way, with five or ten minutes of rushed Q&A at the end if you’re lucky. When you’re trying to stay focussed in front of your laptop, it’s easy to get distracted by incoming notifications and your to-do list.

We wanted to reinvent the webinar to be more like a meet-up – enter Speakeasy.

Speakeasy was a name for illegal drinking bars that became popular in the US prohibition era. Our intention is not to promote elicit activity of course, but to create a space where people can “speak easily” with each other about the topic of the session, particularly those thorny, hard-to-crack problems that hold us back from greater success.

We wanted to simulate what it would be like if all interested people lived in the same city and could easily meet up for coffee and drinks and have open discussions about what’s keeping them awake at night. To this end, Speakeasy sessions will never be recorded, we won’t share any slides or set the agenda. All we will do is set the theme and provide the space to get to know each other, spark ideas, and learn from each other’s experience. We’re also breaking away from webinar common sense by running Speakeasy on a Friday afternoon for a more open and relaxed feel.

The theme of our first Speakeasy was ‘What’s getting in the way of achieving your Workplace by Facebook goals?‘ How do we break down the barriers to launching Workplace, achieve high adoption and persuade everyone of its value?

People joined from a range of companies and backgrounds, all with one thing in common – they have a big part to play in the success of Workplace by Facebook. We had an open chat about big challenges, like competing technologies, convincing the sceptics, proving the value, and security compliance. It was a lively back and forth exchange of experience and ideas and we truly connected across the distance.

We’re going to build on this success and refine as we go. We plan to run a Speakeasy on the third Friday of every month. We currently have three events scheduled, all themed around success with Workplace by Facebook.

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Sei Mani presents SPEAKEASY #2

To bot or not to bot?

17th of August 2018 @ 3pm BST

Sei Mani presents SPEAKEASY #3

Call in the movers – packing up your legacy systems and moving to Workplace by Facebook

21st of September 2018 @ 3pm BST


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