Liberty Global Webex Meetings success story

Written by Elina

11th April 2019

Liberty Global, the world’s largest international TV and broadband company, acquired Virgin Media in 2013. Operations were now in 30 countries, with 47,000 employees serving 22 million customers.

Having grown by acquisition, employees strove to collaborate across geographic and organisational borders with their existing technologies, but these weren’t fit for purpose in a digital workplace. Barriers such as low bandwidth networks, firewalls, and shadow IT caused numerous problems.

Often, travelling to meet physically was the only way to work together on joint initiatives. Travel and expense budgets were high, employee productivity was being impacted, and employee satisfaction was at an all-time low.

One Liberty Global

Liberty Global quickly realised that they needed to bring their employees closer together through meeting and telepresence. A “One Liberty Global” project was launched.

Virgin Media in the UK was already using Cisco Webex on-premise with phenomenal success. Partnering with Sei Mani, they had achieved the world’s fastest adoption of Webex and third highest rate of monthly active users (87%). This in turn drove business KPIs, such as higher user engagement, reduced property footprint, and dramatically lower travel spend.

These results were made possible through Sei Mani’s full-fat adoption initiative, including training for all employees, and rich communications campaign with executive support, alongside a thorough technical readiness plan.

Taking Webex to the cloud

When Cisco announced they would retire the on-premise Webex “Meeting Place” at the end of 2017, Liberty Global were also launching their “One Liberty Global” initiative, prompting them to launch an investigation into meeting solutions. Sei Mani were asked to assess use cases, technical readiness, and provide a financial business case analysis of Webex vs competitors.

Sei Mani proved that Webex Meetings was the right solution and was selected as the primary adoption partner.

From our deep understanding of the Virgin Media digital workplace, we quickly identified key objectives for Liberty Global:

  • Migrate the 6,000 Virgin Media Webex users from the old on-premise instance to the new cloud site with minimum disruption.
  • Onboard 9,000 knowledge workers from across Liberty Global operating companies to Webex.

 The team brilliantly led our user adoption programme across 14 countries and 16,000 users. Time and options were limited but working closely with our in-house team and other 3rd parties, they pro-actively led the system config and testing, and then created excellent adoption and training assets

Nick Kendall, Business Change Programme lead, Liberty Global

Technical Readiness

We worked closely with local Liberty Global IT teams, and their technical partner, to address the individual challenges each country would face. Technical readiness is one of the main pillars of adoption success: first contact with Webex should be effortless for everyone. We thoroughly tested every use case and made sure the configuration was perfect before launch.

Migration of the existing 6,000 Virgin Media employees to the new platform was no walk in the park. 100% of the existing users were migrated successfully to the cloud. Clear communications, step-by-step guidance, and the continuation of the Sei Mani Genius Desk made the experience seamless

7000 accounts were created in 3 waves.

Coaching for everyone

Webex Meetings was launched in 3 phases to the 16,000 knowledge workers across Liberty Global. For the first time ever, all employees were connected across one meetings platform and able to collaborate like never before.

This scale was supported by the Sei Mani Genius Desk, an on-demand coaching service delivered virtually using Webex. The Genius Desk coaches responded to ad-hoc requests, delivering real-time value to employees. With no ticketing or appointments needed, the Genius Desk takes the initial heat from the helpdesk and sell the benefits of Webex directly to those using it, focussing on the “why” before the “how”.

The Webex launch was also supported by a customised self-service community with tailored help guides, GIFs and videos accessible to anyone at any time.

Realising the business benefits

Within 12 weeks, 68% of employees were monthly active users, with an unprecedented 58% “power users” hosting 4+ meetings each month. Then the network effect kicked in, spreading the word of Webex around the business and giving rise to new use cases in each location.

All countries and operating companies we’re increasing their usage with the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands leading the way. The main impact was on the travel budget, with a €2 million saving over the first year. Further benefits were seen on productivity, with knowledge sharing across Op Co’s and borders, and better project agility.

Collaboration was put to work across geographical and organisational borders with tangible results seen almost immediately. Don’t just take our word for it, hear from VP of Customer Experience at Liberty Global, Rhona Bradshaw, to find out more.

Ready to put your collaboration tools to work? We’ll help you unlock their promise of savings on travel, team productivity, and reduced absenteeism.

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