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Written by Stu

16th July 2020

Some people say…

Sharing knowledge is the new power! At Sei Mani we love sharing ideas and knowledge. We share to inspire, inform and improve. Sometimes in a meeting, sometimes with a coffee. If we have a good idea, or a tip that helps our colleagues or customers work smarter or easier, we shout it out.

Now we want to share that knowledge with you!

Top Tip #1

Are you tied to your desk all day, worried to leave in case you miss an incoming call on Microsoft Teams?

When taking your headphones off, do you forget to unplug them and end up missing that all-important customer call? Well, there’s one way to help!

Enable secondary ringer!

So what is a secondary ringer? Most people don’t know it exists! But, it can make a real difference and reduce the pain of having to wear a headset all day. Secondary ringer allows you to hear an inbound call ring on a second device. This means you’re not just reliant on your headset to alert you to a call.

With the secondary ringer, you can have your calls ring both your laptop speakers, and headset. By default in MS Teams, when you plug your headset into your laptop, all the sound goes to your headset. So at first people feel they have to be sat at their desk so they don’t miss anything or have to wear their headset all day, every day… Not anymore!

Setting secondary ringer means you can take your headset off throughout the day but still hear your calls through the laptop speakers. With no need to keep disconnecting and reconnecting the headset. This comes in handy if you don’t want to keep your headset on and is equally useful if you forget to unplug your headset after a call.

Setting secondary ringer

To set a secondary ringer, go to the devices section of your Microsoft Teams settings, then choose call and enable secondary ringer. Follow the video below:


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