Do you have a fragmented workforce? Then it’s time for a unified digital workplace

Written by Jo

9th March 2020

The Oxford Dictionary definition of fragmented is broken into small pieces or parts, in a way that may have a negative effect.

How does this apply to your workplace?
A fragmented workplace is often one where employees use several applications to communicate and collaborate together. Or, even worse, they don’t have anywhere to communicate outside of email. This can often leave your workforce confused, frustrated and unable to find the information they need. Eventually, it causes a breakdown in communication leading to reduced productivity and efficiency not to mention the strain on your IT teams to support all of these different applications.
You may be thinking ‘this is not our workplace’, but you may be surprised with the many applications your internal teams and departments use in silos to get their work done.

A day in the life of a typical employee

 Here’s a list of communication and collaboration touch points an employee may have in the course of a day.

  • Instant messages waiting when you get into the office.
  • Mobile call from a colleague looking for information.
  • Emails waiting to be dealt with, some marked important and some with huge attachments.
  • Phone calls and messages left on the desk phone.
  • Some emails have the same attachments so confusion over latest version, not to mention the 20 reply all’s on the thread.
  • New instant messages piling up.
  • Printed documents handed out in meetings.
  • An ad-hoc conference call started.
  • Messages left on the desk phone.
  • Video conference call scheduled with clients.
  • More instant messages appearing.
  • Phew…
It’s not just individual employees who are finding it hard to communicate and collaborate. There’s also the problem of cross-department collaboration in organisations, for example, Sales speaking to Marketing or HR speaking to Customer Services. Frustrating, right?
Did you know the average knowledge worker spends up to 2.5 hours a day searching for information? 
The average worker spends 13 hours a week on emails alone, which means 28% of the workweek is taken up by email. 
86% of corporate executives, employees and educators say that ineffective communications is a big reason for failures in the workplace. 

The unified digital workplace?


Rather than keeping dozens of tabs open (we’ve all been there) all of this can be done from a single platform. Unified digital workplaces keep your work in context so that you can have conversations, video calls and collaborate all from the same app. You want an open environment steering away from people working in silos. You need a single place to connect, where you can actually work together and get things done. It’s the easiest way to share information and keep everyone on the same page and working towards the same goal. 

There are many solutions which promise all of the above and more. Sei Mani has found that unified workplace technology can deliver great communication and collaboration and has helped deliver 100’s of projects worldwide. We use Cisco Webex Teams and Microsoft Teams depending on which clients we are working with. It’s completely altered the way we work, and technologies like these can help you and your teams too.

How Sei Mani can help you


Sei Mani knows that leaving change to chance never works.

Employees won’t use your new digital workplace tools if you don’t tell them why and teach them how. Sei Mani gets everyone using new tools in the best ways by raising awareness, revealing the value and showing how to work smarter in this digital age.
Our motto is ‘No one left behind’ so let us help you transform your business.                                                                                          

Check out our blog, Why work with a service provider


Not sure how this would work for you? Or you’d like a sneak peek and demo of Cisco Webex Teams or Microsoft Teams get in contact with us today.

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