What is Egnyte and how much does it cost?

Written by Jo

On 13th March 2019

What is Egnyte?

Egnyte was founded in 2007 to make file sharing and collaboration simple, secure, and seamless no matter the size of the organisation. Boasting customers such as Balfour Beatty, Buzzfeed, Home Depot, and SF 49ers, Egnyte has grown its reputation in the collaboration industry. 

Files can be stored on-premise or in the cloud through AWS, Google, Sharepoint, and many more. Egnyte even integrates with digital workplace apps such as Google Docs, Salesforce, and DocuSign to make it even easier for IT teams to build a suite of tools that work for their people. Egnyte also plays on its reliability, with its robust performance, and agility of sync between local and cloud files, for the times when files can’t be stored in the cloud.

Egnyte feature overview

How secure is Egnyte?

Egnyte provides a whole host of security but in short, they meet all industry and global data regulations, enforce security policies to protect your intellectual property, and you have complete data visibility, not forgetting a rich audit capability.

Security is Egnyte’s main selling point, it provides features that many other document and file storage solutions could only hope to offer through their Egnyte Protect product. Egnyte can fully scan your documents for sensitive information, and is fully HIPPA and GDPR compliant. As an admin, you can visualise your data through their dashboards, and envoke security policies at high level to keep your people and content safe. And it’s not only internal collaboration, but external file sharing can also be easily done through Egnyte, using the clear permission controls and features.


Collaborating on files through Egnyte

Using Egnyte to upload and share your files creates one source of truth, no more wasting time merging different pieces of feedback into a document or sending hundreds of emails around with attachments.

With Egnyte you always have access to the latest version of the file. You can collaborate with your team, and external contacts if the permissions have been set up. You can add messages to the files and @mention someone in the comments pane so they are notified where ever they are, on any device. Egnyte even allows for co-authoring in real-time using Microsoft online or Google docs.

Sharing files is easy with Egnyte, you don’t have to worry about file size restrictions as you do when sharing through email, and you can easily keep control of who has access to the file with the permission sets. So, if you need to revoke someone’s access to the information, you can do that at any time. The folder permission set up is very secure and gives you peace of mind when storing and sharing sensitive documents or data.

Egnyte mobile app

Egnyte Mobile supports the iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile platforms for both phones and tablets. The app gives access to all the same great features as desktop, such as uploading content, file preview, file sharing, but can also allow you to work offline if you should be in an area with poor internet connection.

The Egnyte mobile app even allows you to scan documents using your mobile camera and store them in Egnyte as searchable PDFs. And the Advanced Security package gives you access to device control meaning admins can even wipe data from lost or stolen devices


What does Egnyte cost?

There are three different Business plans available within the Egnyte pricing scheme. The plans cover an increasing range of features for increasing numbers of employees. There is a minimum of 5 employees for $8 per month per employee, to an unlimited number of users where you can call Egnyte to discuss a tailored quote.

There’s also a Team plan aimed at 1-3 employees costing $10 per month per employee. The great thing with Egnyte is that you can initiate a free trial for any of these plans to see if it works for you without any outlay.

Is Egnyte right for my company?

Files storage and sharing can often be a complicated landscape. Plagued by shadow IT such as OneDrive or their personal Google Drive, employees often use solutions that are easy, but often not as secure as they need to be. Egnyte enables secure and reliable transfer of files, whether they are internal or external, from any device and any location. Egnyte allows you to store files in the right place based on your security, and compliance needs.

As with any IT-led project, change management needs to play a large part in the successful adoption of the technology. Communicating “what’s in it for me”, delivering training for those that need it, and making sure there is a clear value proposition, all need careful consideration.

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