Top myths about moving to the cloud

Written by Stu

25th February 2020

“Cloud” has been a buzzword for some time now, yet still a lot of businesses still prefer to stay on-prem and keep their IT infrastructure in-house for various reasons. However, quite a few assumptions are down to what people have heard, read or assumed about the “hassle”, security and cost of moving to the cloud.

We’ve scoured the information-super-highway for the top objections people have about making the move and debunked them for you. So, hopefully, these will help you make it easier to start your journey to the cloud, whether you’re a small business or a large one.

“The cloud is just not secure enough”

Yes, on-site or on-prem storage is very secure however it can still have its issues. With all of the abrupt whether the world has seen over the past few months, what if there was a fire or your site was flooded, how will you get your business up and running again quickly?

Plus, the biggest security threats to our organisations is actually our own employees and colleagues, falling for scam emails or accidentally loading viruses onto their laptops and into our networks.

Cloud computing and solutions have advanced AI and machine learning, helping to detect threats internally and externally. And if any laptops or phones are lost or stolen, cloud allows us to remotely lock and even wipe the devices, so your data is protected.

“It’s too expensive to move to the cloud”

We’ve heard and read this a lot over the past few years. However, if you actually look at the cost of maintaining your in-house set-up and then look at the cost of the subscription-based solutions the cloud has to offer, you’ll actually see the potential cost benefits to your business.

With a cloud solution, you pay for what you use and on a monthly basis. Plus if you think about the utility bills for things like server rooms, which need the electricity to run them and they need to be cooled by air-con… Moving to the cloud allows you to do away with these types of cost because your processing power comes from the cloud data centres. You’ll be using less energy which is so much better for our planet!

“Users won’t move away from Legacy Apps”

You may think your employees won’t move to the cloud apps, they might be afraid of using them or don’t like change. Chances are, your employees are already using cloud apps. If they use Facebook or Twitter, then they’re using the cloud. If the stream Netflix or use YouTube, they’re cloud too.

It’s really about explaining to your colleagues that they use cloud services every day, they just don’t realise it.

“Compliance won’t let us move to the cloud”

If your industry is highly regulated on your sensitive data, then you’re quite right to worry about it being compromised. You’ve probably invested in accreditations for your IT team and infrastructure to meet the compliance standards and audits

In highly regulated industries you quite rightly worry about your sensitive data being compromised. You also may have spent time obtaining accreditations for your IT infrastructure which enable you to meet compliance standards and pass audits.

Advanced security is what cloud providers bring to the table. Many already have the accreditations you need and even offer more on top which would take your security way beyond where it is today. They have to constantly work hard to gain and maintain these accreditations, so why spend valuable time getting them yourself when you can leverage their expertise and multiple accreditations.

“Moving to the cloud myths busted”

We hope by busting these myths we’ve relieved any concerns about the ease, cost and security of moving your digital workplace cloud.

Need a helping hand? We’ve developed the Springboard, it can be your complete solution for driving adoption of digital workplace tools. So get in touch and book some time with us, so we can start something truly special together.

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