Top 5 takeaways from Cisco Live Barcelona 2020

Written by Freya

7th February 2020
The team from Sei Mani attended Cisco Live in Barcelona (aka #CLEUR), the final one to be held there before their big move to Amsterdam in 2021. Cisco put on quite a show for the 20,000 attendees, with thousands of sessions, booths, keynotes and demos for everything Cisco. With so much going on, we thought it was only right to wrap up our top 5 takeaways.

Is the Cisco Desktop Pro really worth the hype?

Cisco launched the desktop pro in late 2019 to a flurry of industry chatter, but can it really stand up to the hype generated and the rather extortionate price tag? Yes, it is an “investment” in technology but the queue for the spin-to-win really proved its desirability.
We had a chance to get hands-on with one in the Collaboration zone and were more than impressed. It’s a device for everyone, with a whole host of use cases and smart features. Unfortunately, none of us were winners, so we’ll have to “upgrade” our DX80’s in the near future.

Cutting the meeting room in half – Webex Room Panorama

The Webex Room Panorama packs a real punch when it comes to room devices. Cisco has really brought together the learnings from their other devices and made something that’s a game-changer. The in-room live meeting experience is astounding and they aren’t kidding when they say they cut the room in half and put 5,000 miles between it. It’s the most realistic virtual meeting I think I’ve ever been in.
When it comes to teams working across multiple offices, this piece of kit will be a real enabler. I can imagine that when they thought about “the future of work” 15 years ago, this is exactly what they imagined. The two 82-inch video screens, coupled with the 65-inch content screen turns any wall into the window of your colleagues’ meeting room.

Innovation doesn’t have to be a long-drawn-out process 

The Thursday afternoon keynote at Cisco Live Barcelona was from Richard Browning, founder of Gravity Industries. They specialise in human flight, and since 2017 have been developing a suit that allows humans to fly. His talk centred around asking the question “What if”. He shared his story of risks, of failures and about pursuing your ideas to test them. But before all that, he actually flew on to the stage. The audience both in awe and thankful for their ear defenders,
My main takeaway was his call out to simply ”assess the big risks and test it out.” Innovation doesn’t have to take years, dive right in and solve the problems most worth solving. Not to mention, the whole thing was pretty cool.

Cisco Webex for every industry

One highlight was the industries section of the World of Solutions hall. It was great to see the specific use cases each industry has and the different ways in which they are using Webex. Webex in manufacturing seems like a long shot, but with the right tech, they use it completely different from a finance giant with completely different considerations. I was lucky enough to also catch a talk on Webex in Education from Molly Dubow where she shared insights and resources on Webex Adoption.

Digital transformation requires adoption

Digital transformation seemed to be the buzzword du jour, but it’s still a small consideration and needs more investment. I was so happy to see that Webex adoption had its own booth at Cisco Live with heaps of resources to enable their customers. Turning Webex on doesn’t equal happy users. And boy do we know that!

Employees won’t use your new digital workplace tools if you don’t tell them why and teach them how. Sei Mani gets everyone using new tools in the best ways by raising awareness, revealing the value and showing how to work smarter in this digital age.

They’ll be happier and more effective. You’ll transform the business.

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