Sei Mani invited to work with The European Commission to focus on better collaborative working practices

The challenge

Industry experts Sei Mani were invited to conduct a review of the impact of the European Commission’s Communities of Practice (COP’S) and make recommendations for their continued success. The COP’s were made up of a group of individuals who would share information on topics and gain a greater understanding of knowledge and expertise through regular interaction. The review encompassed academic research, industry experience and the experience of the COP leaders at the commission. The review was commissioned to understand the current state of the initiative: what was working, lessons learnt and a framework for continued improvement of their strategy.

The solution

The role of Sei Mani was to manage the review, to identify areas of good practice and to share ideas for better ways of creating and nurturing COPs.

A nine-step methodology was observed that included a mix of interviews, workshops, meetings, technical reviews and surveys.

A collaborative intranet, called the Connected platform, was chosen as a natural ‘home’ for many of the COP’s. It enabled them to organise and communicate, and worked for leaders through to community managers, as they were able to share content and promote their COP’s to appropriate internal audiences – the ideal solution to encourage participation from members.

The outcome

In total, twenty-six key findings were shared with the European Commission, which allowed them to move forward and achieve their goal of better sharing and collaboration of data, information and knowledge within the Commission and between DG’s and departments.

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