Sei Mani helps Coillte land custodians to communicate and collaborate effectively

The challenge

Coillte are privileged to be custodians to parts of Irelands land extending over 440,000 hectares. With 17 key locations and several smaller sites, employees are spread out across the country. Coillte faced huge challenges with communication as employees were constantly being torn between working at a desk and hours of travel between sites. With dial-in phone meetings ineffective, they needed a modern, mobile video collaboration solution.

Sei Mani was selected to help Coillte improve communication to help achieve their vision of being ‘the best forestry and land solution company in Europe.’

The tools

Cisco Webex meetings was chosen for video collaboration to help the company communicate more effectively. We also introduced Cisco Jabber so that employees could communicate whether they were in or out of the office.

The solution

To successfully deliver the objective Sei Mani:

  • Conducted discovery workshops with key stakeholders to plan a tailored adoption programme.
  • Scheduled training sessions for over 400 employees in small interactive groups to encourage rapid learning and quick adoption.
  • Unique Genius Desk provided on-demand coaching and ongoing support to all employees.
  • Tailored communications delivered a visually impactful value proposition to promote change and encourage people to utilise the new tools.
  • Provided a shift in how people perceived communicating with colleagues so that long term strategies to improve productivity could be implemented.

The outcome

The project successfully allowed Coillte employees to communicate in a way that helped productivity and cut down on the need to travel.

  • High level of adoption to improve communication and productivity.
  • Successfully implemented remote workplace capabilities which meant their vast geographic spread was no longer a barrier to productivity.
  • Implemented Jabber to make their desk phones mobile.
  • Allowed rapid discussion with anyone within Coillte reducing the burden of email.

Sei Mani successfully mirrored the Coillte mantra of ‘Grow, Transform, Sustain’ while working on this project.

Sei Mani specialises in fast track solutions that help you to change the way you operate and successfully enable your remote workplace at speed and scale.

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